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Our Advantage, Your Opportunity

Looking to cultivate a growing practice? Refine or expand an established business? Plan for a smooth succession?

Through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Malecki Financial Group can help you meet your objectives and advance to the next stage.  For more than a quarter century, we have helped financial advisors build, optimize and realize the equity in their businesses. 

Just as you guide your clients through every life event, we support the evolution of your business with a comprehensive plan, a vast array of resources and dedicated personal attention to help manage your career transitions.  


The rapid evolution of technology presents both an opportunity and threat to broker-dealer firms. With increasing expectations of personalization, connectivity, and transparency, this can mean significant challenges for firms without the capital and resources to keep up. Is your current broker-dealer equipped to handle the pace of change? 


By partnering with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, we provide access to industry-leading technology applications, tools, and capabilities that drive efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth. A network of our size and strength allows for greater investments in technology infrastructure that create a competitive advantage for serving clients.


With experienced operations professionals, we are ready to handle your business, our operations team makes it easy for you to execute client investment strategies. 


Operations services can also be completed within our systems 24/7 all year around.


Cetera’s relationship with Pershing LLC, a Bank of New York Mellon company, streamlines your trade processing, clearing and recordkeeping, as well as delivering accurate and timely client statements.


We make compliance proactive, not a reactionary nuisance. With all the regulatory changes in the industry, it’s good to have a team proactively looking out for your business to help protect its reputation. And it’s even better when that team understands your side of the business firsthand.


We work with you as a partner in pursuing your business goals while minimizing risk along the way.  Many members of our compliance team have been OSJ managers, registered representatives and financial advisors themselves, so their sales and advisor management experiences deliver a more commonsense, comprehensive approach to keeping you ahead of regulatory curves.

Succession Planning

Are you protecting your most valuable asset? 


If you are like most of your peers, your practice is one of the most valuable assets.  We can help you: 


  • Transition out of your practice on your terms
  • Maximize potential for profit
  • Be prepared in case of disaster, disability or death
  • Provide for your family or charity of choice
  • Leave a legacy

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