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9 Must-Ask Questions When Meeting Your Financial Advisor

April 13, 2024

9 Must-Ask Questions When Meeting Your Financial Advisor

Hiring a financial advisor is a huge step in taking control of your finances. Whether you're planning for retirement, saving for a house, or just want to protect your future, finding the right advisor can make a huge difference.

But how do you know if you're choosing the right one?

It all starts with asking the right questions. Let’s break them down as easily as possible.

Here are nine simple questions to ask your financial advisor:

What's Your Background and Experience?

Basically, you want to know where your advisor's coming from. Ask about their education, any special certifications they have, and how long they've been doing this job. These are the “first date” questions!

How Do You Get Paid?

Money talk! Find out how your advisor makes their money. Do they get a commission from selling you stuff, or do they charge you a flat fee or a percentage of what you invest? What works better for your specific situation?

How Do You Invest?

This one's important!

Well, they’re all important. But this is specifically how your money will grow.

You want to make sure your advisor's way of investing lines up with what you want. Are they all about the long game, or do they like to play it safe? What can you expect to see from your portfolio?

How Will You Help Me Reach My Goals?

You're unique, and so are your goals. Ask how your advisor plans to help you achieve what you want, whether it's buying a house, retiring early, or just having some cash on hand for emergencies. Get specific and see how specific they can tailor the approach or your goals.

How Often Will We Chat, and What Will We Talk About?

Communication is key! Find out how often you'll touch base with your advisor and what you'll be chatting about. Regular check-ins can help keep you on track.

Can you call them whenebver you have questions? What about text or email? Do they post on social media?

(Psst, I do all of those things! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!)

How Do You Keep Up with Money Trends?

Financial trends change all the time. Ask your advisor how they stay in the know about what's happening in the financial world, and how that impacts their investments. Do you want to follow classic tools, or explore something new?

What Other Help Can You Offer?

Investing is just one piece of the puzzle. See if your advisor can help with other approaches like taxes, insurance, or planning for the future.

How Do You Deal with Risk?

Investing can be risky business. Make sure your advisor has a plan for managing risk and keeping your money safe. This also should be tailored to your specific preferences!

What If I'm Not Happy?

Last but not least, ask what happens if you're not feeling good about the advice you're getting. You want to know that there's a plan in place just in case things go sideways.

So, there you have it—nine questions to help you find the perfect financial advisor for you.

Remember, it's your money and your future, so don't be afraid to ask!


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