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Exit Planning

What is exit planning? 

What is exit planning? 

An exit plan AKA succession plan is a strategy employed by business owners, entrepreneurs, or shareholders looking to retire and protect their business in case of death or disability.

It involves analyzing the financial, legal, and tax options and repercussions for leaving an organization, and hopefully ensures your business is at its maximum when you exit.

Exit planning offers a range of strategies, including selling to third parties, passing the business to family members or employees, or even liquidating assets. Each strategy has its benefits and challenges, emphasizing the need for tailored solutions that align with your goals and circumstances.

Only 4% of business owners have a written plan for what they would do post exit transition.

Client Centered

Beginning the planning process well in advance allows you to address business weaknesses, navigate market cycles, and align your exit with personal goals.

Whether selling, passing on to successors, or merging, consider industry trends, economic conditions, and your business's financial health to determine the opportune moment.

Early planning provides flexibility and ensures a smoother transition. Start your exit plan today!

Having a financial advisor on your exit planning team can help you prepare for a successful financial future with your business.

Our Additional Exit Planning Services

Protection Services

Protection Services

From life insurance to retirement plans, how will you be protected in your business?

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

401(k), IRAs, and more. We are here to help you manage your wealth in retirement.

Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement

A financial strategy and overview outlining the transition from one business owner to another.

Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Not just another credential!

Through the process of Exit Planning (the Value Acceleration Methodology™), owners can build more valuable companies, have stronger personal financial plans, and align their personal goals.

Stan J. Malecki, AIF®, CEPA® is here to assist you with your exit planning needs.

Is your business prepared for the future? Set up a meeting to find out!

Stan J. Malecki, AIF®, CEPA®

President / Regional Director

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Stan J. Malecki, AIF®, CEPA® is a seasoned financial professional with nearly 30 years of experience, specializing in strategic exit planning for business owners, investment and wealth management, retirement planning, 401(k) rollovers...

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The best time to make your exit plan was the day you started your business.

The second best time is today.

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