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Daniel Paonessa

Daniel Paonessa

Compliance Director

Meet Daniel Paonessa, our Compliance Director, responsible for supporting and managing advisors within our firm and region. With 14 years in compliance and over 19 years in the financial services industry, Daniel brings extensive experience to the table.

Previously, Daniel served at the Cetera Advisor Networks home office, where he monitored and oversaw more than 40 branch offices. His comprehensive understanding of compliance matters and regulatory intricacies ensures that our firm operates within the stringent guidelines set by FINRA, fostering an environment of trust and integrity for both clients and stakeholders. Daniel's collaborative spirit shines as he works hand-in-hand with our Operations Team and Principal, fostering a seamless flow of coordination that ensures all aspects of the firm's operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Beyond work, he enjoys playing guitar and indulging in sports, hailing from southern California and currently residing in Las Vegas.